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March 25, 2020 Posted by Roger Hart

Your coronavirus risk assessment needs to be based on facts and these are often scarce or too confusecorona_death_age_groupd to be useful. To help combat this for our clients we’ve got some resources below which may e of use to you.

Current UK government guidance puts the chance of dying from Coronavirus as between 0.5% and 1%.  This is lower than the 4% global WHO figures and below the 5% figure in the UK as of March 23 – why?  Because we’re only catching a fraction of the infections out there.

A vast majority of cases are likely to go undetected and the testing regime is concentrating on those most in need, generally those in hospitals and those in key worker positions.

To compound this the testing ratio varies widely between countries.  You may see Germany has a much lower death rate which looks impressive.  However, Germany’s testing capacity is way beyond the UK’s at over 20,000 tests per day and they are also testing much more widely.

Factors such as the distribution of age in the population will also have a big effect.

A second factor which must be considered in your coronavirus risk assessment any underlying health problems and the graphic below will be of use here;


Finally, for those working in safety, we will all be familiar with the triangle below and its use relating to accidents and ill health.  Here’s a version which focuses on COVID-19 courtesy of Imperial College London;


We hope that this information helps you.  If you have any questions relating to Coronavirus please contact your retained safety consultant if you are a member of our Safety~net competent person service. We have a number of documents available for retained clients including model risk assessments, flow charts on isolation, administering first aid and home working, toolbox talks for office-based and field-based staff and similar documents which are being developed each day.  We’re still open, our phone lines are live and we’re ready to help when needed.