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There are over 20 SSIP Accreditation schemes (including SMAS, CHAS & Constructionline)

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Health and Safety Consultants Specialising in SSIP accreditation

We hear the term SSIP referred to all the time in the world of contracting but what does it mean in practice?

SSIP itself is not an assessment scheme but an organisation for members such as SMAS, CHAS and Constructionline.

We have provided hundreds of clients with the SSIP assistance they need to gain accreditation, our record is just 2 days! Talk to our SSIP Specialist, Andrea, in person on 01453-800109 or use our chat widget below right and we’ll live chat with you.

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  • You have successfully been assessed by a member of the SSIP Forum e.g. SMAS, CHAS, Constructionline, Safecontractor
  • You have completed a Health and Safety assessment in according to core H&S criteria
  • Having SMAS, CHAS or any other accreditations may be the difference between you being able to work for a particular contractor
  • Gaining accreditations may offer you increased business opportunities
  • You will need to demonstrate on an annual basis, through recorded evidence that you are carrying out core H&S criteria in order to renew accreditation(s)

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  • Keep all H&S documentation in your H&S file
  • Make sure your training matrix is up to date
  • Have an up to date H&S Policy with any recent legislation changes
  • Be able to demonstrate regular H&S communication with employees, subcontractors or any other staff e.g. temps
  • Carry out regular risk assessments and method statements
  • Sign and Date all evidence
  • Don’t forget to audit!
  • Avoid the headache of completing your own SMAS or CHAS application form
  • We help 100`s of clients complete SSIP applications every year
  • We can complete all the paperwork for you – contact us today 01453 800 100

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Gaining an SSIP accreditation does not make you compliant.  For more advice on compliance, please contact us and we can advise not only how to maintain your SSIPs easily but also help you be more compliant on an ongoing basis.

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