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Expert Safety Consultants for Solar PV Farms throughout the UK

We’ve worked in solar for over 10 years and currently support clients with asset portfolio’s in the billions, we are the experts for Solar PV Health and Safety and travel throughout the UK completing support.

We’ve been selected by more and more clients because of our experience and our reliability, meaning that established companies in the UK market and new entrants from Europe and beyond can ensure that their safety compliance levels are right.  With our support, you will be ready for any inspection, be it from the HSE or any stakeholder. Contact us or request a call back.  You can speak to us directly on 10453 800100 or speak to our MD directly, Roger Hart

Services for Solar PV Health and Safety;

Solar PV Health and Safety Management Documentation; Scope: Full development of a new management system including the following documents/deliverables:

  • H&S Policy – includes a commitment to H&S, details of the organisation and H&S duties of management and staff. Arrangements for managing H&S; e.g. Fire, first aid, lone working, young persons, sub-contractors, driving, manual handling, etc.;
  • Environmental Policy – details how the company will manage environmental issues;
  • Set of risk assessments for staff members working in an office, driving and visiting sites;
  • Set of COSHH Assessments for hazardous substances that may be used by members of staff;
  • Fire Plan for any office, including what checks and inspections are required for extinguishers, alarms, emergency lighting and fire drills;
  • Training Matrix for members of staff and advice on which roles need which training;
  • Accident book and documents to carry out an investigation;
  • Display Screen Equipment assessments, which is an assessment of how staff use their computers and how their workstations are set up.

Solar PV Health and Safety; Scope: Site visits to all sites, preparing reports and the following site-specific documentation:

  • Site induction;
  • Site emergency plan, detailing what to do following an accident or incident, where the mobile network works on site, how to access the site, any site hazards;
  • Set of risks assessments and method statements (RAMS) for carrying out activities on site;
  • A dynamic risk assessment for assessing unknown hazards that occur on the day of the visit;
  • Document to assess sub-contractors RAMS to ensure they have covered all hazards and risks within their work;
  • Set of COSHH Assessments for hazardous materials to be used on site;
  • Equipment check sheets;
  • Lifting equipment check sheets;
  • Monthly staff H&S checklist;
  • Electricity Management procedures, including Permits to enter and carry out switching operations. (This will be developed from your electrical competent persons procedures).

Solar PV Health and Safety Audit Requirements; Scope:

Specific support to include;

  • Ensure a suitable Company H&S Policy is in place;
  • Ensure a suitable set of Risk Assessments and Method Statements are in place for Solar PV activities;
  • Ensure a set of suitable COSHH Assessments are in place;
  • Ensure a set of management, inspection and check forms are available;
  • Provide unlimited email and telephone advice on H&S related matter;
  • H&S meeting to review and update policies and procedures every 6 months;
  • Support with any accident or incident relating to work activities.

Solar PV Health and Safety; CDM Support Scope:

  • Guidance on duties and duty holders under the CDM Regulations;
  • Produce a Construction Plan for individual sites.

Solar PV Health and Safety; Other Services: Scope

  • CDM – Construction Plan Builds
  • Sub-contractor Reviews
  • Periodic Site Audits
  • Noise and Dust Exposure
  • Toolbox Talks and Training Sessions
  • Site H&S Checks Across the UK
  • Specific Subcontractor Review
  • Method Statement and Risk Assessment Development
  • H&S Meetings
  • Boardroom H&S Reporting