Coronavirus and your office: small steps to help prevent infection

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March 18, 2020 Posted by Roger Hart

Coronavirus and your officeHere are a few simple thoughts on Coronavirus and your office to implement during the outbreak;

Signing in: if you still have visitors to site which are essential then ask reception staff to sign these people in, don’t share pen and paper across multiple people.

Split your essential teams: if you have the size and capability then split essential office attendance between two teams. But be aware of people who might cross-contaminate between teams from partners through to those who will socialise together outside of work. Your split should consider a mix of staff to avoid a department being taken out should the virus spread amongst one team.

Implement homeworking well: Don’t forget that some staff may be trying to work in a home which doesn’t have an office. Trying to type from a sofa or the corner of a small piece of bedroom furniture isn’t going to be good for their back and going to an internet café is no longer a good option. At the least try and get good info out to your staff, for example, the British Safety Council is offering free online training for good Homeworking during the outbreak;

Welfare Facilities: Try to maintain a good distance (1.5m) by staggering breaks amongst those workers who must be in the workplace. Have a clean down regularly for kettles and similar items.

Desks and tables: If you hot desk consider stopping it for now. Ask all staff to clear their desks down at the end of each day to allow for a disinfectant wipe by cleaning staff or ask them to do this themselves with a spray and disposable wipe. Ask your staff to take laptops and documents home with them, use scanned copies of documents rather than printed ones for working on. Clean down shared items such as printers and scanner regularly.

If you have any questions relating to Coronavirus and your office please contact your retained safety consultant if you are a member of our Safety~net competent person service. We have a number of documents available for retained clients including model risk assessments, flow charts on isolation and home working, toolbox talks for office-based and field-based staff and similar documents which are being developed each day.