Updated working from home safety guidance published

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December 18, 2023 Posted by Roger Hart

The Health and Safety Executive has recently published updated guidance for staff working from home.  With a significant number of staff remaining on a hybrid working arrangement, it’s worth relooking at your arrangements for assessing safety of these staff.

Don’t forget that you retain a responsibility (duty of care) for these workers and this crosses over into their wellbeing as well as their health and safety  – particularly where they’re working from home for several days per week.Working from Home

You can use self-assessment forms to help you in this and for members of our Safety~net competent person support scheme we can provide resources which can help you assess this or perform a session to help staff complete these.  We can even visit or perform remote assessments if that is something you require.  If you are using self-assessment forms we would suggest that you also request a photograph of the working space to enable you to support your assessment of the self-assessment with suitable information.  Remember, younger staff can often be in flatshares or bedrooms which can make maintaining a suitable working environment challenging.

Contact us for more advice or join our competent person scheme to get the support you need.  Below is further information from the updated guidance which is worth a review.

HSE: working from home guidance and resources

As an employer, you have the same health and safety responsibilities for people working at home as for any other worker.

Our home working guidance has been redesigned and expanded to provide more detail on straightforward actions to manage home workers’ health and safety.

This includes the risks of stress and poor mental health as well as working with display screen equipment (DSE).

There is also: