To do: Metalworking fluids – making sure you have protected your staff

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July 26, 2023 Posted by Roger Hart

HSE has recently released metal working fluid guidance in association with the United Kingdom Lubricants Association.  Metalworking fluids provide a home for bacteria to breed and skin contact and inhalation of these fluids can lead to serious, but preventable, diseases for your staff.

The good practices which can prevent these occupational diseases are relatively simple and these good practices are summarised in a series of video guides which are now available.

See the details of the release below to find out more.  If you have questions on the subject and are a member of our Safety~net competent person scheme please get in touch with us using the links below for more information including the details of a metalworking fluid monitoring service which can carry out all of these checks on your behalf.  If you would like to assess personal exposure to metal working fluids then we can offer this service through our occupational hygienists, again, please get in touch to find out more.

Practical videos on carrying out fluid quality checks on metalworking fluids released

Exposure to metalworking fluids can cause serious lung disease, so it is really important that the right control measures and fluid quality checks are in place.

The United Kingdom Lubricants Association Metalworking Fluid Product Stewardship Group, in partnership with HSE and the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, have produced 10 short stand-alone videos.

The videos are to support and encourage greater compliance in the safe management of metalworking fluids. 

The videos, aimed at workshop owners and managers, health & safety representatives, workshop supervisors, machine operators and trainee operators, include:  

  • easy to follow demonstrations of the quick and simple tests that should be carried out 
  • advice on effective storage and mixing of metalworking fluids 
  • information on protecting the health of workers and assets  

HSE’s website also has guidance on managing fluid quality.