Service free P50 extinguishers, a solution for small offices or remote locations?

Outsource Safety LtdSafety newsService free P50 extinguishers, a solution for small offices or remote locations?
May 17, 2024 Posted by Roger Hart

Working with a wide range of clients in diverse sectors we often come across sites which are remote, small or perhaps a site within a site.  When you have one of these locations you’re typically responsible for everything within your demise including fire extinguishers.Water Mist P50 Service-Free Fire Extinguishers

The challenge is on value.  When you arrange your service for a larger office having a fire engineer visit and complete a review of all types of extinguishers is fairly typical and often reasonable value.  Having the same person visit a site some distance from other locations to service just a few extinguishers can be prohibitively expensive but you still have your duty under the law to ensure adequate fire precautions are in place.

But, there is a potential solution in the form of composite P50 extinguishers.  These do cost a little more than the traditional alternative but you might find that over their 10-year working life you could save a significant amount of money.  The caveat is that you might need a CO2 type which is not available currently, but if you don’t you might want to consider this alternative.

Here’s a link to a provider to give more information on cost and lifetime cost of these types and where they might be suitable for use.  We have no affiliation with the provider but hope you can perhaps make a saving: