Domestic Principal Contractor Fined under CDM

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March 27, 2018 Posted by Roger Hart

A domestic Principal Contractor (someone with Principal Contractor duties under CDM but working on a domestic rather than commercial project) has faced a significant fine.  This is one of the key changes with the 2015 CDM Regulations – they apply to domestic as well as commercial projects in contrast with all regulations up until that point.  This is in contast with the basic provisions of English Health and Safety Law which govern work places but not domestic environments.

This cse shows HSE taking a firm stance on the duties of Principal Contractors operating on a domestic project and is of great relevance to the smaller contractor completing extensions and general house improvements as well as domestic house builds.

Domestic Principal Contractor Fined for Poor Temporary Works Provision

Surrey based construction company Portico Design and Developments Limited of Wellington Avenue, Surrey pleaded guilty of breaching Regulation 19(1) of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 which requires steps to ensure that structures do collapse due to instability whilst carrying out construction work. The company has been fined £18,000 and ordered to pay costs of £16,674.

Reading Magistrates court heard how HSE inspectors were carrying out proactive inspection at a domestic property in Sunningdale – part of a construction focused inspection initiative across the UK.

It was found that the Principal Contractor failed to properly manage the temporary works on site thereby creating a risk of collapse. It was found that a number of walls had been demolished and the remaining walls were held up with temporary props – see image


Speaking after the hearing HSE inspector Adam Wycherley said:

“Portico failed to properly manage this project and allowed work to continue on site when it was unsafe to do so.

This case is a perfect example that HSE can and will bring those to justice who fall below the required standard of health and safety practices.”

If you have requirements for support on domestic CDM projects and are in the role of Principal Contractor, Principal Designer or both we can supply the help and support you need. Please see you Meet the Team pages to find out more about how we support hundreds of clients throughout the UK on CDM.

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