Audiometry (hearing tests) and why you should be doing these in your business

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June 27, 2018 Posted by Roger Hart

Hearing loss and the associated claims which have skyrocketed in the past 7 years are a major issue for all businesses.  Those within the construction and contracting sectors seem to be particularly targeted by claims and we’ve seen recent payout approach £30,000 for a single person.  What’s important to note here is that some simple changes in terms of Audiometry (hearing tests) can give you the evidence needed for the successful defence of these claims.

Audiometry (hearing tests) and defending claims

Over recent years the focus of claims has become, through changes in legislation, more on health aspects with hearing loss being perhaps the most common claim – as one observer put it ” the new whiplash”. For smaller businesses, these are difficult claims to defend as they don’t have the data on hearing to provide to their insurance companies.

You might well ask why don’t we do audiometry for everyone exposed to noise?  Well, the truth is that it’s been high cost and high impact in terms of production time.

Here’s the old way;

  1. Book in a specialist to arrive with an external hearing booth;
  2. Pay a significant amount of money for their time even if you have a smaller group;
  3. Lose a lot of production time as people make their way through the process;
  4. Miss those people who aren’t there on the day until you decide to repeat the tests – perhaps years later;
  5. Lack of the data you need to defend claims despite your high costs.

Here’s the new way;

  1. Arrange an audiometry test at site as part of your next visit from us;
  2. Test just one person without the need for a specific sound booth;
  3. Have the data on the same day and a copy also held by us;
  4. Lose a very small amount of time (perhaps 20 minutes);
  5. Pay a very small amount, as little as £20.00

What you might not know

Once we’ve completed your audiometry tests you’re armed to defend any hearing claim.  Even those staff who no longer work for you and may choose to seek to claim in future can be defended against with the right data.  Say, for example, a claim arrives which asserts a loss of hearing for a particular role but you have data which shows this persons co-workers did not suffer the same hearing loss doing the same role.  In that case, you have good evidence to defend yourself from any claim for hearing loss, even if that was for employment in 1998 and you still have staff which worked doing the same role but didn’t suffer the same loss.

Once you’ve carried out the first test how often should you repeat them?

Again, generally speaking;

  • Three months into employment (questionnaire and audiometry).
  • Every six months for the first two years of employment with an annual review thereafter if no problems are identified (questionnaire and audiometry).

 Great – how do I get this started?

Please contact us to find out more and integrate this service into your existing support package.  If you’re a new customer we can provide this as a one-off service and provide a quote for spirometry, please call 01453 800100 or email us, or we’ll call you back