Wrist based HAVS risk assessment and risk reduction

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March 26, 2018 Posted by Roger Hart

When you’re completing a HAVS risk assessment you follow the guidance laid down in the British Standard and apply a healthy dose of common sense.  You can’t always position your measuring equipment in quite the right place, you also suspect people might use equipment differently under observation.  What you really need is a way to gather data on a more personal and reliable basis, this research might just offer, for the first time, a way of doing just that.

Wrist based HAVS risk assessment and risk reduction

You may have been working with a mix of manufacturers data and paper logs of time exposed with the inevitable amount of fudging and guess work which this will involve.  They key benefit with this new system is that workers will most likely forget they’re wearing the system and (assuming its as effective as they say) you’ll then get a pretty accurate figure of how much exposure your staff really get. This is important for two main reasons; firstly, you key aim to make sure they really are protected and secondly, you need to be able to prove this to your supply chain / insurer / HSE / lawyer….

Read on to find out a bit more about the system from its manufacturer:



The HAVWEAR monitor has been developed to more easily and effectively assess and manage hand arm vibration (HAV) risks. By lowering the cost of monitoring HAV exposure the HAVWEAR makes individual exposure monitoring a reality. 
The HAVWEAR is a wrist worn device to advise workers of tool vibration risk. The HAVWEAR informs the wearer of their exposure by calculating and displaying in real-time their HSE HAV risk assessment exposure points. Sound and vibration alerts inform the wearer if their personalised exposure thresholds have been exceeded.

It has ground breaking technology to simultaneously assess exposure risk using;

Either of these methods can be used to display HAV risk exposure points and both types of data are stored online for assessment by employers.



Wrist worn device for truly personal monitoring experienceReal-time exposure points calculation & display
Support employee behavioural changePersonalised exposure threshold display & alerts
Exposure points calculated from static tool data and sensed vibration magnitudeTracks tool usage
Exposure data automatically transmitted online (via docking station)15 minute HAVWEAR re-charge
HAVWEAR fully integrated with Reactec Analytics ReportsLow cost, simple to use and fully automated

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