38m CDM Coordinator role for C&G in Chepstow

C&G Safety & Environmental has been contracted by engineering firm Mabey Bridge to act as CDM Co-ordinator under the Construction (Design and Management Regulations) for the development of a new manufacturing facility at its Chepstow base.   The project will make the £70m firm the UK’s biggest manufacturer of towers for wind turbines. The £38m investment will double the size of the 13,140 square metre plant to enable it to fabricate monopiles and wind turbine towers up to 5m in diameter and 40m in length for onshore and offshore applications. 240 new jobs will be created.

The appointment of a CDM Co-ordinator is a legal requirement for larger engineering and construction projects. The co-ordinator provides specialist advice on health & safety and risk management, ensures competent firms are appointed to do the work and sees that the requirements of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 are met. John Oldmeadow of C&G Safety & Environmental is taking the lead role on this one and we will also be completing a series of site visits, attending meetings to advise the client on key safety issues and assist them in assessming the safety performance of contractors.

Safety247.co.uk an on-line system helps you stay on top of health & safety

C&G Safety & Environmental has introduced Safety 247, an on-line service for companies who are struggling to manage complex health & safety requirements. It allows companies to put all their training needs, statutory tests, checks and inspections, documents and other details on a web database which will automatically remind them when they need to take action.

The system collects all the necessary data through audits and inspections and keeps it up to date.   A training matrix is prepared with the various course types and due dates entered.  The client is alerted by email whenever a test or inspection needs to be arranged, documents need to be updated or someone’s training is due for a refresher.   The user can see an audit report summary which shows all sites and outstanding issues, inspection dates, copies of reports and so on.  Sub-contractor assessments and approvals can also be monitored.  All safety documents are stored on line for ready access.

“Many of our clients are finding it a major headache to keep on top of the increasing body of safety legislation” says Roger Hart of C&G Safety & Environmental.  “Safety 247 looks after it all.  It also allows clients to present a more professional image to clients, and to keep costs down.”  More information at www.safety247.co.uk

Facilities Management specialist turns to C&G for assistance on NHS Trust contract

C&G Safety & Environmental has been called in to help ensure the safe management of contractors at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and Hull Women and Childrens Hospital.

Facilities management specialist HSG Zander, a European leader in FM, brought us in to help bring in systems for managing contractors at the hospital, update their health and safety documentation, produce new risk assessment and generally upgrade their existing safety management system.  C&G has carried out a risk assessment and developed safety policies for managing areas ranging from lift installation and servicing to medical gas supply and energy supply.  We have also developed a Permit to Work policy covering relevant areas of risk such as working in confined spaces, working at height and hot work.

Reported to the HSE by your insurer

Most of us use the services of an insurance company not just for our insurance needs but also to carry out thorough inspections, tests and examinations of the plant, equipment and machinery which we have within the business, typically forklift trucks.

In a situation such as this imagine that the insurance inspector identifies that one of the trucks has a serious defect with its lifting chains making it unsafe to use. The inspector contacted you and advised that it needed to be taken out of service immediately pending corrective work.

A few days after the visit by the insurance assessor, you are then contacted by your local HSE office. They had been told of the faults with the forklift truck and wanted to know what was being done about it.

Why did the insurer reported this?

Regulation 10 of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations states that the competent person completing the statutory inspection must do the following:

“Where there is in his opinion a defect in the lifting equipment involving an existing or imminent risk of serious personal injury, send a copy of the report as soon as is practicable to the relevant enforcing authority.”

Technically, the competent person completing the inspection should always tell you that they need to report the defects to the HSE but this doesn’t always happen. So we would suggest that if you are informed that any item of equipment or plant has a serious defect, ask whether it’s serious enough to be reported to the HSE or other any other authority.

Whilst its true that you can’t stop the report from being made, you can take steps to demonstrate that the truck was taken out of service immediately, that you have commissioned a company to complete the works required, and systems have been put into place to help prevent this happening again.


Your plant, equipment and machinery should be under a regime of regular maintenance to make sure that they can’t get into a condition whereby a serious defect report would need to be made in the first place.  Review your recent reports and if you find that serious reports have been brought up before then re-examine your current maintenance arrangements.